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Class Four

Class 4 have worked incredibly hard this term. Recently they have been creating books inspired by their trips to France and Southampton, examples can be seen below. 


Class 4 have also written formal speeches inspired by our book 'Rooftoppers'. The writing they produced for this was fantastic and those who read them aloud on the parent share afternoon did a wonderful job. Well done! We hope you all have a brilliant Easter and we look forward to welcoming you back for the Summer Term. 

A Walk in Boulogne A Walk in Southampton

A Walk in Boulogne       A Walk in Southampton 1
A Walk in Boulogne       A Walk in Southampton 2
A Walk in Boulogne       A Walk in Southampton 3

Class 4 Knowledge Organiser Spring

France Trip 2019 Powerpoint

Charles character descriptions from either Sophie's point of view or Miss Eliot

Rooftoppers week 1 - snacks and ice cream with book plates and rulers - cello playing and symphonies

Will Rochfort Artist Visit

Will Rochfort Artist Visit 1
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 2
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 3
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 4
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 5
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 6
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 7
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 8
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 9
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 10
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 11
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 12
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 13
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 14
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 15
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 16
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 17
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 18
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 19
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 20
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 21
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 22
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 23
Will Rochfort Artist Visit 24
This week Class Four were very fortunate to have a local artist, Will Rochfort, visit the school to assist with the creation of their portraits for our Leadership topic. The children had thought about the leader they wished to draw and brought a picture with them to school. Will was able to model the skills required to create their portraits and later showed how to mix the acrylic paints for the different tones needed. We will create a gallery of their work which will be viewed by the other classes. They had a great time creating their portraits and we would again like to thank Will Rochfort for giving up his time for us. One of the portraits created has been donated by Will for us to display in the school. 

Was Henry VIII a good leader?

Was Henry VIII a good leader? 1
Was Henry VIII a good leader? 2

This week Class 4 have been writing Flashbacks. They have looked at two different stories and have been learning how to use present tense and past tense to convey how the characters feel and the emotions they were experiencing. As they are continuing with these at the moment we will share some examples next week. 


In History the children have written whether they believe Henry VIII was a good leader or not. We had a very lively debate with some excellent viewpoints shared by the children. They have been able to understand numerous important facts about Henry VIII, including why he created the Church of England, his contribution towards our Navy, garden design in the Tudor period and of course his six wives. 


Next week we have our artist visit from Will Rochfort on Tuesday 5th February. Please can the children remember to bring a picture of a leader who inspires them in on Monday 4th February as they will need this in the session.



Macbeth in 100 words

This half term Class 4 will be learning about Leadership. The children have already generated some excellent knowledge and understanding through discussions in the classroom.


In our English lessons the children have been learning one of William Shakespeare’s plays Macbeth. They have already started to look at the type of leader he was portrayed as and will be continuing this is as the half term progresses. In History we will be looking at leaders of the past. In particular, King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I will be studied. We will be looking at the positives and negatives of their individual leadership styles. We will be holding a debate where the children will have to state if they believe they were good leaders or not.


This week in English the children have worked very hard in learning how to summarize the story of Macbeth. They were set the challenge of condensing it into only 100 words. At first the children were not sure this was possible but after learning how to choose appropriate vocabulary the results were brilliant and they should be very proud of their efforts. Please see the pictures to be uploaded of some examples.


In Maths, Class 4 have been working to improve how they justify their answers. This can be difficult to master but they are working very hard to improve their reasoning skills through peer discussion and providing written evidence in their books. 


Home Learning

This week a Home Learning sheet was sent home with the children. At home, we would like the children to pick a person who they see as being a good leader. This person can be a present day or historical figure. There are no restrictions on who they choose but we ask them to be sensible in their choice. They may already know a lot about a person and wish to choose them - this is also fine.


Once they have chosen, we are asking them to provide a picture to bring into school which will be used in Art to create a portrait. We are very fortunate to have an artist, Will Rochfort, coming into school to show the children how to create these. Please could children bring in a picture of their chosen leader by Friday 1st February 2019.

In addition, if the children wish to, there will be an afternoon in the final week of the half term where the children can present a powerpoint presentation, factfile, information leaflet or poster about their chosen leader. This is not compulsory but we wanted to offer the children this extra opportunity. If your child chooses to do this, we are asking for their finished pieces to be in school by Wednesday 13th February 2019.



Please keep looking at the class page as we will be updating it to highlight what Class 4 have been up to. 


Thank you


Mr Dunningham


This half term, our topic is Vikings and we will be finding out who the Vikings were, where they came from and why they settled in England.  Our Viking theme will continue through drama and cookery and we will also be making 'scandi-style' Christmas decorations and pom-pom wreaths for you to buy!


In English we will be using two books by David Almond, The Savage and Skellig, and these will form the basis of our writing - poetry, descriptive writing and an extra chapter - and our reading skills development.


In maths we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction and coordinates as well as continuing with 5-a-day basic skills and times tables. 


This term's science will be a continuation of electricity.


In RE, as well as learning more about Advent later in the term, our Prayers, Saints and Feasts unit will help us understand more about Pilgrimage and what we can learn from the example of St Teresa of Avila.

Class 4 trip to France

We are still waiting on a few replies about the trip to France. It would be really helpful if you could let us know either way so that we can finalise numbers with PGL. Many thanks.

Gold Star Writers

Our gold star writers for our RNLI information texts are Jamie and Luca. Well done to them smiley


Congratulations to Nikola and Harrison. They were our gold star writers last week for their letters from Michael to his mum.smiley

A selection of photos from our day on the Isle of Wight

We have had a fantastic day out on the Isle of Wight. We had a tour of the seven  class all weather lifeboat and found out lots of information for our RNLI information texts. We also visited the Tourist Information Centre, the church and Yarmouth town ready to write a town guide to Yarmouth.


We have arranged for the RNLI writing to be displayed in the RNLI gift shop and the town guides in the Visitor's Centre.


 Class 4 - a few notes

Our teachers are Mrs Murdoch and Mrs Perkins.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Press,

Mrs Woodington, Mrs Mayo, Mrs Hillyer, Mrs Barratt and Mrs Richardson


Information For Parents



Every Monday the children will receive:

  • A piece of maths work based on the weeks learning
  • Spellings

Homework is due in by the following Monday at the latest.



Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Trainers are needed every day for the Golden Mile.


On going learning

Throughout the week the children should continue to work , times tables which are tested every WEDNESDAY.


Pages to read from the class text will be set to read over the weekend.. Children usually need information from the text for their writing the following week.


If you wish to see us, we are available after school or for a prearranged meeting before school starts.



KS2 tests 2019

A short video aimed at parents to give outline information about the National Curriculum tests. A downloadable version is available from https://michaelt1979.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/ks2-tests-a-video-for-parents/

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